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A Photo Guide to the Z32

60K Maintenance:
Timing Belt, Water Pump, Etc.

Clutch Replacement

Moulding Replacement

Fuel Pump &
Fuel Pump Control Module

PCV Valves

Master Cross-Site Tech Index

There are so many good resources out on the 'net for our cars, but I get tired of searching through them all independantly each time I need to find how to do something, so I figured I'd compile them all here in one big Master Index. If you know of a resource I've missed and want to see it added, please let me know by contacting me at ashley at ashleybradford dot com. Sources are listed and linked to at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes there is more than one set of instructions for tackling a project; I've included them all here so you can take your pick.

Last added Auto-FAQ item: 7/31/06. If you don't find what you're looking for here, you'll need to manually search the Auto-FAQ above that date, which is the following entry:
Attn: 60mm Throttlebody Conversion Users. Important Info >>> - Ash's Z 15:23:00 07/31/06
Working on this as I have time...


Engine Mechanical
Fuel System
Coolant System & Radiator
Engine Oils & Systems
Air Intake
Turbos & Intercoolers
Exhaust & Emissions Systems

Clutch & Flywheel
Suspension, Wheels & Tires
Brake System
Heater & Air Conditioning

Electrical System
Dash Lights & Gauges
Interior & Audio

Maintenance, Guides & Diagnostics
Can I Convert My NA to a TT? - (Let's just take care of this one right up front!)
Where to Find Zs For Sale on the Internet
What to Look For When Purchasing a Used Z
Importing a Z From Canada
General Z Information
Care & Feeding of Your New Z
Model Year Differences
What Color is My Z?
Colors Codes & Serial Numbers
Stats on Models/Colors/Etc.
What Are the Best Shift Points?
Jacking up the car
The 6 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance
How to Perform ECU Diagnostics - TTnet
ECU Diagnostics - TTZD
Colored ECCS wiring diagrams for model years 1990-92
HICAS Diagnostics
Oxygen Sensor Diagnostics
How to Perform Auto Transmission Diagnostic
Airbag Diagnostics
Auto Climate Control Diagnostics
How to Find/Fix a Vibration
Complete T-Bolt Clamp Guide for Your Z32
Diagnosing Faulty Injectors
Troubleshooting Hesitation/Stumbling
Hesitation FAQ
Hesitation Due to TPS
Warm Start Problem - Fuel Dampener
Idle RPM Problem Reference Guide
Safety Boost FAQ
Vacuum Hoses and Connected Components Guide
The Ultimate Dyno Dissertation
Pepping Up a High-Mileage Z
Compression test how-to
How to Check Compression FAQ
Part Numbers & Interchangeability
Graphical Representation of Z32 TT Stages
Does My Auto TT Really Have 20 HP Less at the Flywheel?
90-94 Lower Plenums & Injectors vs. 95+
Techtom MDM-100 Normal Values
Tikigod's Photo Pointers

Engine Mechanical
Spark Plug Replacement
Reading the NGK Spark Plug Codes
60K Maintenance
Timing Belt Replacement - TTZD
Timing Belt Replacement - IZCC
Engine Removal
Engine Re-assembly
Boost Leak Locator Guide
Cheap & simple boost leak tester (dead image links)
Underdrive Pulley Install
Reading Engine Timing
Timing Tweak
Test & Adjust TPS switch & sensor
Motor mounts replaced with Ford mounts for cheap replacement
60mm throttlebody conversion
60mm throttlebody conversion - Important Additional Info
Removing throttlebody fittings
Gurgling AIV Replacement - TTnet
AIV deletion - TTnet
AIV Removal - Robo
AIV Cleaning / Rebuild
Idle Air Adjusting (IAA) Unit Replacement
Idle air adjustment
Idle valve (IAA) R&R (Pt. 1)
Air regulator R&R (Pt. 2)
Repair NA throttle body coolant hose
Plenum pull & water hose bypass procedure (PDF) - NytWolf
Plenum pull/PRVR bypass - Robo
Plenum Removal/Injector Replacement - TTnet
Power steering hose replacement
ECU Swap & Boost Jet Install - TTZD
Installing boost jets in an easy-to-replace manner - TTnet
Alternator Replacement
Cheap Alternator "Insurance"
Power steering boot replacement
Homemade valve spring compressor
Lifter Rebuild 101
Rebuild hydraulic valve lifter
Catch can setup
Determining the Correct Bearings For Your Engine Block
ARP Part Numbers
How to remove iron flashing from coolant galleys
The soft valve issue

Fuel System
Tightening the fuel line clamps
Locating and Repairing Fuel Leaks
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel Pump Replacement
2-Speed Fuel Pump Controller Wiring (for TT conversions)
The Difference Between N/A and TT Fuel Pumps
Fuel hose under plenum replacement
Fuel hardline bypass
(Fuel) Pressure Regulator Vacuum Relief, Removal & Bypass
Fuel Injector Testing
How to Replace Fuel Injector Using Dremel Method - TTnet
Fuel Injector Dremel - Robo
Robo's Toluene Info

Coolant System & Radiator
Radiator Lower Hardpipe Leaks
How to Reuse the Stock Mounting Brackets on a Howe Radiator

Engine Oils & Systems
Oil Change - TTZD
Changing the Oil - IZCC
0psi Oil Pressure FAQ
Oil Pressure Sender Replacement
Transmission and Differential Fluid Change - TTZD
Changing the Differential Oil - IZCC
Changing the Manual Transmission Oil - IZCC
Changing the Automatic Transmission Oil - IZCC
Oil plate and Coolant adapter install

Air Intake
Cleaning Throttle Bodies
Throttle Cable Adjustment
Stalling at Speed FAQ
How to Shut Off the Z While Locked Out
Positioning Single Cone Air Filter
Proper Placement of an Aftermarket Cone Filter
Twin POP Install
Dual MAF Wiring
Dual MAF/Dual POP write-up (missing pics)
Installing a K&N Style Intake
Air Filter Replacement/Cleaning
Replacing the Stock Air Filter Unit
Throttle Body Cleaning
Throttle Cable Adjustment

Turbos & Intercoolers
Turbo Replacement
Intercooler Install
What's involved in a properly upgraded turbo? - FAQ
Stop Constantly Going Into Safety Boost
Installing an Aftermarket Boost Gauge Temporarily for Quick Boost Check
Boost Jet FAQ
Installing Boost Recalibration Jets
Setting Boost Jets/Welding Tips
Turbo Wastegate Setup/Balance
Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator Setup
Bigger BB Turbos for Less Than $1500

Exhaust & Emissions Systems
Cat-Back Exhaust Install - TTZD
Replacing the Cat-Back - IZCC
Carbon canister removal & bypass
Ash's EGR 101
EGR Valve Replacement
PCV Valve Replacement - TTZD
PCV Valve Replacement - IZCC
Pre-Cat Gutting
NA Header Install
Install Downpipes W/out Dropping the Tranny
Downpipes replace pre-cats - (info)
Custom exhaust - (info)

Clutch & Flywheel
Lightened Flywheel FAQ
Clutch and Flywheel Replacement - TTZD
Transmission Removal & Clutch Replacement - IZCC
Slipping Clutch FAQ
Installing SST clutch line

Transmission Grind FAQ
Auto Transmission Diagnostic
Removing the A/T torque converter bushing
5 speed conversion wiring
Auto to 5 speed notes
Clutch adjustment on an NA
Clutch pedal adjustment for high performance clutches
6-speed Transmission: Gear Ratio Study

Removing the Shifter Knob
Shifter Bushing Replacement
Short Throw Shifter Fabrication

Changing Center Support Bearing & Transmission Mount
Differential Swap
Rear Axle Disassembly
Modified Torque Converter FAQ

Suspension, Wheels & Tires
Anti-Sway Bar Install
Adjustable Upper Links Installation
Tension Rod Install/Replacement - TTZD
Installing Adjustable Tension Rods - IZCC
Autocross Suspension Tweak
Shock Install
Wheels and Tires 101
Wheel Sizes and Offsets - TTnet
Aftermarket Rim Offsets - TTnet FAQ
Wheel Offset Numbers
Lug Pattern Size
Replacing a Broken Wheel Stud
What Size Tires Can I Run? - FAQ
Do-It-Yourself alignment
300Degree Camber Kit Install
Eibach Springs & Strut Installation/Replacement
Steering Rack Bushing Replacement
Steering Rack Replacement
Spare Tire Alternative

Brake System
Best Big Brake Bang For The Buck
Brake Pad Install - TTZD
Changing Brake Pads - IZCC
Warped Rotors FAQ
Rotor Replacement
Adjusting the Parking Brake
Converting Stock Fuel Lines to SS Braided Lines
Stainless Steel Brake Line Install & Brake Bleeding Procedure
BMC Install & Bleed
Brake Caliper Painting
Brake Caliper Seal Replacement
Air Guides for Rotor Cooling Installation
Installing Brake Ducts

Subframe Bushing Swap
eBay Strut Bars

Heater & Air Conditioning
How to Replace the Heater Core
Auxiliary Fan Operation and Diagnostic Tips
Heater Core Removal Without Removing the Dash

Electrical System
Replacing the Stock Battery
Optima Batteries & A Cleaner Install
Relocate Your Battery With the Summit Racing Kit
How to Replace the ECU & Run Diagnostics On It
What Can Be Tested Through the Wiring Harness?
Ground Net Installation - TTZD
Earthing/Grounding kit - Robo
Cruise Control Failure
Cleaning the Coolant Temperature Sensor Connector
Diagnose and Bypass a Defective Detonation Sensor
Starter Relay Replacement
Broken Ignition Coil Connectors FAQ
Funky Fuses
Starter Relay Replacement
Engine Bay Circuit Expansion Using Fuse Box Tap
EFI Harness Replacement - Engine Out
Getting the EFI Harness Through the Firewall
EFI Harness - Coil Pack Clip Replacement
1995's "Switched Power" Injectors
Center Console Clock Repair
Replacing the Oil Drain Plug With An Oil Temp Sensor
Don't Switch These Two Connectors

Dash Lights & Gauges
Stock Boost Gauge Stopped Working
Removal of the Brake Idiot Light
Repairing Power Window Switch Illumination
LED Gauge Pod Conversion
Install Indiglo Gauges
Installing 180 MPH Speedometer Faceplate
How to Fix an Intermittently Working Odometer

Installing Units Beside Steering Wheel
Remote Mounting a Turbo Timer or Other Device
Boost Gauge Install - TTZD
Installing an Aftermarket Boost Gauge - IZCC
How to install a Turbo Timer With Factory Alarm
Apexi S-AFC Installation
GReddy Profec Boost Controller Installation
Installing Blitz SBC ID and Powermeter Units
Wiring Dual EGTs on a Single Defi-Link Control Unit
Apex'i Super AVC-R Installation
HKS Twin Power Ignition Amplifier Installation
HKS EVC IV Setup Instructions
Race Logic Traction Control Installation
Blow-Off Valve FAQ
Blow-Off Valve Installation
Fix Stuck HKS Blow-Off Valve
Install Radar Remote (scroll down past gauge install)
Install Viper Alarm
Alarm Installation Using OEM TWS Harness
Custom Homelink Installation
Install Remote Keyless Entry
Improving Radio Reception (Aftermarket Units)
Repair/Rebuild Stock Antenna
Changing the Radio Antenna
Replace Antenna With Glass Mount
Shift Light Installation
Replace Stock Horn W/ Electric Hella Horns
Replace Stock Horn W/ Aftermarket Air Horn

Headlight Removal Without Removing the Fascia
Wiring JSpec HIDs
Modifying the '99 JSpec HID for LHD
J-Spec Tails Installation
Illuminated Rear Panel Modification
Glare Guard Removal
LED 3rd Brake Light for Under $30
3rd Brake Light Exterior Trim Installation
Badgeless Rear Center Panel
Blackout Taillights
Rewiring Fog Lights
Aiming Fog Lamps
Cleaning Low-Beam Projector Lenses

Removing Swirl
Engine Bay Dress-Up on the Cheap
Smoothing a Plenum to Prep it for Powdercoat
Upper Nose Panel Gasket Installation for 94-96
Removing the Front Fascia
Removing the Front Fenders
Blackout Taillights
Hood Squeak - Robo
Hood Squeak - TTnet
Opening Hood When the Release Cable Doesn't Work
Repairing the Rear Hatch Lock
Window Moulding Replacement
Trim Removal for the Windshield/T-top/Roof Trim
Replacing T-top "End Caps"
Replacing the B-Pillar Door Moulding
Door Handle/Lock Repair
Door Hinge Alignment
Remove Wiper Arm and Cowl
Convert to Blue Side Mirrors for $10
Fender Liner Louvers
Installing a Trailer Hitch

Interior & Audio
BOSE System Info
BOSE System Replacement
Stereo Install
Audio System Install - The 300ZX Audio and Interior Page
Cabin Temp Sensor Fan Whine
Removing the Dashboard
Center Console Removal
Fix a Peeling Dash
Repair Center Armrest
Carpet Hole Repair
Split Cargo Cover Repair
Interior Hatch Trim Repair
Airbag Replacement
Seat Removal
Fabricated Window Lift Brackets
Fixing Hatch Rattle
Fixing Door Rattles
Fixing Window Rattles
Window Rattle/Leak/Button/Molding Fix
Door Lock Replacement
How to Adjust the Seatbelt Spring
Steering Wheel Hub Adapter
Removing the Headliner
Wiring Rear Speakers

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