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Clubs & Forums
Dyno Tuners
Body Shops
DIY Paint
Reviews & History
Enthusiasts' Sites
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Clubs & Forums
Project Z32
Z Car Chat
The Internet Z Car Club Home Page
Nissan X
Twin Turbo Zs of Dallas
East Coast Z Association
Z Car Club of NoVA
Georgia Z Club
The UK 300ZX Forums
Fairlady Z Car Owner's Network - Japan
The Australian 300ZX Forums
The Dutch 300ZX TT Site
The New Zealand 300ZX Owners Club
The French 300ZX Website
The Swedish 300ZX Website
Z Club Hungary
Latvian Z-Car Enthusiast Site
Car Domain 300zx
MySpace Group
MySpace Z32 Owners Unite

The Online 300ZX (Z32) Service Manual
Downloadable manual for the '90 & '94
Robo's Nissan 300ZX Pages's Tech Section
The 300ZX FAQ
The 300ZX Audio and Interior Page Tech Index and Info - Turbo Upgrade for VG30DETT
Destroying the World in Your Z32: Tuning Tips
Specs from Derek's Exotic Cars
NA to Twin Turbo Conversion
Z32 Timing Belt Replacement
Courtesy Nissan Timing Belt Parts Kit

300ZX Parts Catalog
Nissan Online Parts Catalog
Courtesy Nissan's Z32 section
Jim Wolf Technology
Kyle Puckett @ Import Parts Pro
YugoBernie's Inventory List
Z1 Motorsports
Ultimate Z
Specialty Z
Selin Design
GZA (Govaard Z Aruba)
EyerMotive (Brandon Eyer)
Concept Z Performance
Kuruma Z
KK Engineering
Ash-Spec Performance & Tuning
SPL Parts
ESS Racing
AMZ Performance 300ZX performance parts
Motorsport Z Car Parts
NorthEast Aftermarket Distributing
Mach III
Noyan USA's used engines & transmissions

* * Click for Google Map of locations * *
Austin Z Clinic - Austin, TX
Awesome Z - Houston, TX
Bernie - Northern VA / DC metro area
Chin Vong - Livonia, MI
CL Motorsports (Gilberto Casanova) - Lawrenceville, GA
Crawford Z Car - Nashville, TN
Delegance Automotive - Largo, FL
EPRacing - Ft. Worth, TX - Specializing in motor work
Exact Motorsports - Milpitas CA
Gifford Automotive - Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hurst Imported Car Service - Independence, MO / Kansas City Metro Area
IMP Motorsports - Clifton, NJ
MattZ Garage - Sacramento, CA
N.M. Imports - Albuquerque, NM
R & N Garage - San Antonio, TX
RDZ - Danbury, CT
SilverTwin & RameyZ - Cincinnati, OH
Simtec Motorsports - SoCal - Specializing in tuning & upgrades
Specialty Z - Chatsworth, CA
Ultimate Z - Streamwood, IL
Woody (Tim O'Conner) - Denver, CO
Z1 Motorsports - Carrollton, GA
Z Car Garage - San Jose, CA
Ztune Motorsports - Burnaby, BC, Canada
ZTuner (Harry) - Sarasota, FL

Dyno Tuners
JTran Studios - Houston, TX
MattZ Garage - Sacramento, CA
Specialty Z - Chatsworth, CA
UpRev - Austin, TX

Body Shops
D&V Autobody - Sterling, VA

DIY Paint
paintRENEW - Paint Chip Repair and Paint Touch-up Solutions
Automotive Touchup - Touch-up paint
Dr. Colorchip - Touch-up paint repair system

Reviews & History
Fairlady Z... About That Name
Consumer Guide Review
Edmund's History and Reviews
Fairlady Z History
The History of the Z Car
Some Z History - 40 Years
Everyday Driver's Review of the 300ZX
Everyday Driver's 300ZX - 350Z - 370Z Review

Enthusiasts' Sites
Nice & Fast 300ZX Twin Turbo - includes scanned magazine articles
My Twin
Zzzing Network

ZeroFlake's Z compilation w/ Rob Zombie audio
DVDBurn's Video Collection
Piranha's Video Collection
Promo Z video unfortunately not in English

Make your own paper Z32
SCC Magazine's Project 300ZX - scroll down to find it
Z Car Links
More Z Car Links
A Listmania list of Z Car books on Amazon
A to ZX, a book available for download
Wheel weight index

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