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The Z32 is an awesome car that is awesomely hard to work on. It's apparently so difficult that, when I bought it and brought it for its 60k maintenance to the shop who'd worked on my previous car, the guy backed away shaking his head.

"Wait... seriously?"

"Uh, yeah, we'll change the oil on this car, but we won't touch it otherwise."

I'm not making this up. So I did what any budding, naïve enthusiast would do and decided I'd learn how to do it myself.

What I didn't realize when I fell for the Z32 was that it is not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, there's an awesome community to go with this awesome car, and LOTS of information to be found on the 'net. I found most of my answers by searching the archives and tech articles of, and through that site also found my way into a unique community of auto enthusiasts, whose company and help I enjoyed for a bunch of years. Particular thanks go out to Bernie Bilski, in whose garage I spent entirely too many hours over 4.5 years, and to the NoVA crew, as well as many others who helped me out in all kinds of ways - you know who you are, and you are all appreciated.

This car and I had a great run before my interests moved on to other things, but I understand the content of this site is still useful, so here it is. Also, you can access my other site from here, the Z32photoguide. Maybe one day I'll be motivated enough to update that one, or you can offer to help...

Here's my old technical journal, for those who care.