TT XTZ's ZCon 2006 Photo Album
Dallas (Irving), TX

Day 1 - Saturday, May 27
NoVA to Nashville, TN
Day 2 - Sunday, May 28
Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX, Mad Mike's Party
Day 3 - Monday, May 29
Hang out
Day 4 - Tuesday, May 30
Hang out, Wal-Mart, Prep for Car Show
Day 5 - Wedesday, May 31
Texas Stadium, Car Show, Guapo's Garage, Dinner, MSR Prep
Day 6 - Thursday, June 1
Track Day at Texas MotorSport Ranch (MSR)
Day 7 - Friday, June 2
Post-MSR Tech, Closing Banquet, Bar across the street
Day 8 - Saturday, June 3
Departure, IHOP, Dallas to Nashville
Day 9 - Sunday, June 4
Nashville to NoVA

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